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Beginning of my company

Updated: Jul 1

Well, this is rather unexpected, actually. A month ago, I was working a 8-5 Monday through Friday job and now I am the owner of a new crafting business. Wow, big change! For one, who would have thought that owning a business would involve working from 8am to at least 10pm and most nights until midnight? My husband says that my new boss is a slave driver.....hmmmmm..... Anyway, this blog is to follow along as I learn new crafting techniques, mix in some that I have known for over 40 years and just have fun! I absolutely love to create new things and learn new ways to create. I have dedicated time to research, cough, cough, by watching YouTube videos (yes, I am calling it research! LOL!), and trying new techniques. I have also opened an Etsy shop, which is a sad little thing right now. I have 3 measly listings and they are not my best work, they are just up there as place holders. sigh I hope to start adding new listings in this coming week. I am focusing on junk journaling and card making for now. I will have digital downloads, journals, embellishments, journal components and cards. These listings will be in my portfolio on this site so that you don't have to go between the two to see what I have been up to. But, if you would like to buy any of the items, then please, by all means go over to my Etsy shop. The name of my shop is Michard's Corner and I would love for you to check it out. I don't have a set blog schedule set up yet but I will let you guys know when I do. In the mean time, have fun crafting! Thanks sweeties!

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Just an update on this one. I added my YouTube banner to this blog so that you can go over to check it out if you would like! Also, I mention in this blog that I had an Etsy shop, that shop has been moved to this site, the link is above in the menu. 🔝

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