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Decided to bite the bullet!

I am sure that you have noticed the "Coming Soon" banner on my home page. I spent most of Thursday going over stats and digging into analytics and came to the conclusion that I am getting more traffic on this website than my Etsy shop. I thought about it and took some courses offered by Wix and made a decision to move my shop from Etsy to this site. I think that Etsy may be over saturated so that there is very little way to get their algorithm to even notice new shops. The people that are coming to my shop are not coming from their search engine, they are either coming from social media or from here so they aren't people that actually went to the shop planning to buy. If you have read my other blog posts, you know that I started this business when I lost my 9 to 5 job to help supplement the household income. Etsy is just not doing that. So, I am in the process of building my shop on this website and there are a lot of exciting features that I am looking forward to you guys seeing! I plan to have my shop fully open by the end of next week, I have more product to put up and I have to do the SEO stuff before opening. But in the meantime, I have decided to give you guys a freebie. It is for the journal crowd but hopefully, the ones of you that aren't into junk journals are either into diaries, planners or scrapbooks. 😘So, here is the link to the freebie.

Random words brown background
Download PDF • 7.73MB

I hope you enjoy it! I will have an announcement when my shop is open so come back and check it out!!

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