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Diary vs. Journal

Hey there! Hope you are having a great day!

I want to dig a little deeper into how journals differ from the other memory keeping medias like diaries, scrapbooks, planners, etc.

So, how does a diary differ from a junk journal? Typically, diaries are thoughts written like you would write a letter to a friend. It is a way to remember important events in your life, a way to process emotions, track your day and a lot of other things. They don't normally have a lot of decoration, just like a letter wouldn't. They can be as simple as a notebook or as elaborate as an expensive leather bound book. The important thing is that they are private, not meant for others to read. They may contain things about the boy you had a crush on when you were a teenager or even what ticked you off at work that day. They are your private thoughts and feelings that others might take offense at but they are your truth. A junk journal can provide that same place to document your thoughts. You can make them as private or as public as you want. The main difference is that a junk journal typically is decorated to some degree (they can be truly elaborate!). Some people find that junk journals can reflect some of their emotions through the process of decorating them maybe just by putting a picture into a corner tuck.

I find diaries to be a little demanding. I feel like I have to write in a diary every day or I think that I am not keeping to the true purpose of a diary. That is not how everyone feels, I am sure, but that's my thoughts. A junk journal isn't so demanding. I can just write about a birthday party on one of my journal cards or put a picture into one of the pockets and might not pick it back up until I feel like I want to journal about something. Not sure why, it might just be that junk journals aren't as formal. I also tend to get writer's block when I look at the blank page of a diary..... ?

Don't know why this is intimidating to me but it is.

I don't know how anybody could find this intimidating! 😂😂

Both junk journals and diaries have their places. Diaries are for people that just want to write about their day and how they feel. To me, they fit a more formal type of style where junk journals are very informal. Does that make sense?

I have decided to continue this series to try to understand the differences between junk journals and other types of memory keeping medias. I plan to post these type of blogs on Mondays ( I know, I got off schedule this week!) so come back by if you are interested!

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Happy crafting sweeties!

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