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Escape From the Lab

Updated: Jun 5

Hi there! No, I haven't escaped from the lab but the insects have! My new collection named, you guessed it, Escape From the Lab has just debuted on Etsy. My digital kit plus one of the two planned journals have been listed and I am sitting staring at my traffic report to see when people might possibly take a peek at it. So far.....nothing. Right, when you are a new business, you (or at least I do!) start getting impatient with the lack of traffic on your site. Well, they say Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a business. Just have to do all the things, make sure you are listed on Google, list more items (the more you list, the more likely somebody is going to stumble across one of them, kind of like tripping over the kids toys in the dark....LOL!), make sure that your website has your Etsy link, etc. There are some other things you can do on Facebook and Instagram but I haven't ventured there yet, probably tomorrow.....The point is, be patient. Have fun. Keep listing....I will have pictures of my journal in my Portfolio and if you want a peek at the digital kit, you can either go over to Etsy or it might just be part of the membership surprise.....Keep crafting, sweeties!

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