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Introducing Mr. C!

Mr. C has been shy as a crab! I started to introduce him last week and I found him like this

😂So I gave him more time to get accustomed to the idea but today is the day! I caught him in the middle of packing to go to the beach.....🤦‍♀️

Well, he is a crab after all I guess.

Seriously, he is a rather large plushy at 7" tall and about 13" wide. He is made from Big Twist Plush yarn which is very similar to Bernat Blanket so he is very soft and squishy. The pattern for this crab is by Allison at The Wonder Crochet, check out her YouTube channel, she is great! He does have safety eyes so he is not recommended for children under 3 yrs old. Mr. C would make a great companion to an older child, though! Perfect gift from the parents, aunt, uncle or grandparents! Here are some more pictures.....

He will be listed on Etsy tomorrow, so check it out! The link to my shop is in the sidebar.

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