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Let me tell you a story.......

A couple of days ago, I wanted to play around with watercolors and some metallic watercolors that I have had for ages. So, I pulled out an A2 sized watercolor paper blank and proceeded to get set up to play. I looked at my metallics and saw that I pretty much had corresponding colors in my regular watercolors so I thought that I would just kind of blend them in a diagonal. After I got done, I looked at it, turned it, stood up, sat back down and looked at it and it didn't matter how I looked at the thing, I just didn't like it. Well, I wasn't going to give up, this thing had offended me so I had to make it do what I wanted (which at this point, I wasn't really sure what that was....). I pulled out my inks and decided that ink is supposed to make everything better, right? I picked out my colors that I wanted to use and "smooshed" them onto my craft mat. I sprayed them down with water and sprayed my card. OK, I'm going in. I turned my card with watercolors and metallic watercolors on it over and proceeded to dab it down into the ink. (yes, this is actually a technique used to make backgrounds, not a sign of insanity on my part.....) I flipped it over onto my glass mat and pulled out my heat tool to dry it. I am not sure what exactly caught my attention but I really looked at this card and realized that the metallic watercolors were actually water reactive (not typical in my experience with watercolors!) and that my card was now covered in ink and metallic watercolor mixing together. ? The metallic part of the watercolor had actually blended into the ink and covered the card. Well now. I figured that the metallic sheen would probably work itself out as I dried it but no, it stayed. :) I continued to build layers with the ink and got an unusual background. Wasn't sure if I liked it or not and definitely had no idea what I was going to do with it. By this time it was midnight so I just put it onto my mat to fully dry and went to bed. The next morning, I remembered a YouTube video from Tim Holtz when he was working with distress glaze and I had an Ah-ha moment as I was getting out of bed. I knew what I wanted to do with this unusual background. I went to my craft room while I was waiting on my coffee to brew (anyone that knows me, knows that I normally cannot function before at least 2 sips of coffee has passed my lips......) pulled out my stamps and finally found the one that I was looking for (that caused another whole story that I will share in a later post.....), a full background of script. I decided to use my brand new Versa Fine Clair Fallen Leaves ink to stamp this onto my background and realized that when I went to bed, my card had not been not fully dry and now had some banana/chip curves going on. Drat it! Went to work trying to flatten the thing out and got it as close to flat as possible. Put my stamp onto my stamping platform since it was so big and proceeded to stamp script onto my background (which by the way still has a metallic sheen.....). The stamp didn't hit all of my card but my ink pad was so juicy that I wasn't sure if I would get away with a second stamp. Humph. I got up, went to the kitchen and got my coffee. This card was really irritating me but I just was not going to give up. After being away from it for a little bit, I went back to my craft room to give it a piece of my mind and realized that hey, I liked the skips in the stamp. Whew! Then I decided that I wanted to push my luck and go further with this misbehaving card. I pulled out my stencils and embossing ink (the one that I have been cursing now for a week because I have had so many issues with the dang thing!). I decided that I would use a mini domed ink dauber to tackle this and picked out my stencil. Put down my little silicone grab mat, lined up my stencil on my card and taped it down with painters tape and proceeded to have fun inking it up. I had my copper heat embossing powder, coffee filter and heat tool ready, so I proceeded to drown the card in my embossing powder crossing my fingers the whole time. Did the little tap dance with my fingers under the card and held my breath. My flourishes came out pretty dang good considering this card has two layers of watercolor paint and about 3 layers of Distress Oxide on it with a metallic sheen that has persisted. Heated up the powder and got a pretty good looking card. :) The things I came away with are 1) Don't give up, you can usually wrangle things into submission if you just keep going! 2) Don't put water onto your 7 year old metallic watercolors unless you want a metallic sheen all the way across your project! LOL. A picture of the card is below, let me know what you think, complete fail or win? Keep crafting sweeties!

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