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News and Freebie

(Sorry! This post was supposed to go live on Monday but just realized that I hadn't published, I had it saved as a draft......🤦‍♀️)

Yes, we had our Gender Reveal and we are having a girl! The baby and mom are healthy and doing well. This new addition is due in early November and I am so excited! You will be seeing a lot of baby items over the next few months 😉

OK, I promised you guys a freebie. So, here are two new ones! You can download either one or both. Oh, and once you sign up for the free membership, you will gain access to all of the freebies for this site. You can download any of them, just please do not sell or share them. If you know someone that would like to have a copy, please direct them to my site. You are welcome to sell any end product that uses these freebies. You can take a look at my Terms and Conditions page for all of the rules about my downloads.

OK, I will be back on my regular schedule with my Wednesday post so keep an eye out! In the mean time, keep crafting sweeties!

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