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What a day!

Wow! I spent all day putting listings on Etsy. I know that doesn't sound like something that should have taken all day, right? Well.....first I had to take pictures. This is something that most people find to be pretty easy. I had to figure out how to prevent shadows and how to hold my phone at an awkward angle without it shaking all over the place and then how to prevent the branding for my blasted craft mat from showing up in the pictures! Humph. Then comes the whole process of getting my pictures from my phone over into my computer so that I could post them on Etsy. I did this through Google photos. At least that one was pretty intuitive and I just had to wait on things to download. Then I had to relearn how to list product onto Etsy since I had only done it a week ago. So, after spending half the day with the 10 listings that I managed to get up, I decided that today would be the day that I would learn how to list a digital product. Yep, sucker for punishment. I had a whole other list of things to learn there such as where the heck is the zip software on Windows 10?? Last time I used one was back when XP was around. Finally found it. Should have known it was just a right click away! I won't go into all of the other things that I learned (such as yelling at your computer really doesn't do much.....) just know that there was a whole list. It is now 10:30 pm and I am finally getting my blog site set up enough to actually publish it. I started on that an hour and a half ago. Oh well, the price we pay to have fun crafting! LOL! I have a lot of other items to get listed on Etsy tomorrow and here's hoping that it won't be another "day". :) Have fun crafting, sweeties!

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