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Hi there! Yes, I am finally getting my YouTube channel together. BUT, I don't have much on my channel yet. I had done a 30 minute video with my new equipment and was SO excited. Had shown sewing on components to my newest plushy (she will be introduced in a couple of days......) and had shown some techniques that I have learned and even managed to talk during this video without totally rambling (kind of difficult for a first video). I really don't know why I did the next thing since I know better but I decided that I would move this 30 minute video over to my phone from my camera so I could first, delete it off my camera so I wouldn't eat up all of my storage (yes....first mistake!) and second so I could upload it to my Google photos account.....Yeah, not so bright. Getting it to my phone was super easy, I have an app where you can just transfer things over (I think this is why I didn't use my head here......just had the app on the brain!). Deleting it from my camera storage (note, I do have a card................) was super easy too. In fact, it was probably too easy. They really should consider putting in questions like, "Hey! Did you think this through? You sure you want to do this??" then if you click yes, it should come back with "Did you think about just transferring this to your computer by taking the card out and putting it into your computer, oh bright one??" Yeah, because that is exactly what I should have done and realized it 48 hours later when I was still trying to upload this massive file to Google so that I could put it onto YouTube. Don't laugh too hard at me, sometimes I just get my blinders on and can't imagine stopping to think for a minute when things aren't going the way that I thought. 🤦‍♀️So, I ended up having to just delete the video from my phone because I could not get it to upload. There went 3 days of my life. Anyway, I will be doing another "First video" soon and will get it uploaded the intelligent way. In the mean time, keep crafting sweeties!

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